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Mui Gin

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Born in the city of Porto, just as its creator, Portuguese chef Helio Loureiro, Mui Gin is selected by excellence to be appreciated by epicureans during their pantagruelic moments.

To savour MUI GIN is to experience moments of pure pleasure, enhanced by the unique aromas that take you back to faraway places and scenes embedded in the true soul of Portugal. These fresh and creative aromas will make you reborn with each sip, creating hope and the grandious will to, once again, embrace the dream of audacity.

Mui Gin is produced using 7 distillations in the search for a purer, smoother and more pleasant alcohol. To this is added a varied palette of botanicals where we can find aromas as varied as raisins from the Muscatel variety, sweet citrus fruits, toasted almonds, Pennyroyal or the floral touch of Hibiscus.
The bouquet of Mui is rich, markedly fruity, and with juniper always present. In the mouth the fruit and spices stand out with the velvety touch of raisins and toasted almonds.

Aromatic composition: Hibiscus, Orange peel, Muscatel raisin, Rosemary, Toasted almond, Tangerine, Pennyroyal, Licorice, Ginger, Cinnamon, Juniper

Alcohol: 40% vol.