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Brava Sauce, Rosara, 212 ml

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If you've ever been to Spain you know one of the most basic and famous tapa: patatas bravas. The highlight of the dish is the topping on the fried potatoes: the brava sauce. 

The base of Rosara's brava sauce is top quality piquillo peppers with the addition of "alegrías riojanas" (hot peppers from the Ebro valley) and cayenne. Despite its great taste, it only contains 5.9% fat.

This delicious sauce is especially suitable as the main ingredient of patatas bravas, to accompany fried eggs and to give a "happy" touch to all kinds of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, rice, pasta, omelettes, stews, etc.

It can be eaten either at room temperature or hot, the best way to heat it is over a low heat in a small casserole dish. To soften the sauce: add mayonnaise sauce. For spicier: add alegrías riojanas, tabasco sauce, ground cayenne, etc.

Ingredients: Piquillo peppers (37%), onion, olive oil, Alegrías riojanas (hot peppers), dried chorizo pepper (10%), sherry vinegar, rice, fish stock (water and conger eel), sugar, salt, paprika, white wine (sherry), brandy, spices

Rosara is a canning company that has been a reference in the sector for years thanks to the traditional and natural way they work.

Rosara is located in the heart of Navarre in Northern Spain and its cuisine is based on slow cooking, quality products and a lot of patience because that is all they use in their preparations, no artificial products, no preservatives or flavourings.