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About us

Handmade Mediterranean Delicacies

Our regional travels in search of the best quality Mediterranian foods have taken us to the back roads of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

Visiting small towns and villages off the beaten track helped us make direct contact with local producers. Many of these are modest family concerns which have been passing down their knowledge, recipes, and skills from one generation to the next.

From dining at small town restaurants to sharing cozy family meals in rural villages, we were able to sample their exquisite produce first hand. This is how we’ve been able to identify and discover the best possible home produced fair from the most authentic of sources.

Farm To Table

Over time, we have built strong relationships with our provincial suppliers. Through this we are able to guarantee some of the best Mediterranian food products. Whether extra virgin locally pressed olive oil, amazing wines, homemade jams or craft fish products, Sol Deli is proud to stock only top quality items.

Our main focus is to find unique Mediterranean foods and offer them at fair prices. Try our products and let them transport you to the lush and sunny groves overlooking the sparkling azure Mediterranean Sea!