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The olive oil dilemma - can I cook with extra virgin?

October 7, 2023 By Sol Deli

This article was created on our blog for one simple reason: it's a frequently asked and recurring question from our customers:

Can you cook with extra virgin olive oil? Is it good for frying? What about the so-called smoke point? When should you choose a different oil?

We hope that in this article, we provide answers to all your questions and offer some tips to keep in mind when cooking with extra virgin olive oil.

Interested? Let's go!

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What will become of you, liquid gold?

September 22, 2023 By Sol Deli
Last year we ran into articles predicting the significant price increase of olive oil (which more or less came true), and this year it has continued: with news almost every week about the fact that after a brutally bad harvest in 2022, we can expect a hellishly bad harvest in 2023, which will bring with it an inevitable price rise and olive oil will be sold at a price worthy of its name: liquid gold.

What is the reason for the dramatic tone? Is our favourite food really in danger? Will olive oil become prohibitively expensive?

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