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Hélio Loureiro

Hélio Loureiro, a chef with over thirty years of experience, and a graduate from the Porto School of Hospitality and Tourism.

Gourmand and a researcher in the art of cooking, with strong ties to the wine world, author of more than twenty gastronomy books, hosted several television shows, columnist in various publications, and frequently invited as a member of the jury for various national and international competitions.

He was the Executive Chef at the Sheraton Porto, the Porto Palácio Hotel, he inaugurated the Hotel Quinta do Lago (Orient Express), and he has worked at the Le Meriden Porto, the Sheraton Brussels, the Sheraton Luxembourg, the Les Champs (two Michelin stars), the Méridien Etoile Paris, the Yamato (Passport to Japan), the Sheraton La Jolla San Diego, among other units.

In 2003 he was elected Chef of the Year by the Portuguese Academy of Gastronomy. He was awarded the honour of Oficial da Ordem de Mérito, by Jorge Sampaio, the President of the Republic of Portugal.
Mui Gin carries a deep family history, immortalized in a recipe book from Geneva, dating back to 1873 that was passed on for generations in the family of Hélio Loureiro.

He came across a recipe in this book that blends the aromas of herbs and spices giving rise to an exclusive and contemporary gin.
His creative vein, used to the free combination of botanicals, brought to the recipe some of Chef's most cherished flavors, giving it a more contemporary, more aromatic touch.

Mui Gin was born to mark the anniversary of the 600 years since the start of the maritime expansion.

The original aromas acquired through the sea travels of the Cinnamon and Clove routes are combined with the herbs of the Portuguese plaines and highlands.

This super-premium aromatic gin, conceived through its seven-time handcrafted distillation process, has a key taste of the Muscatel grape, roasted almond and a hint of tangerine and ginger.

Mui Gin will sail you through a world that speaks Portuguese laying down memories for the future.

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