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Pastificio Fiorillo

Pastificio Fiorillo is a relatively young company in the pasta business, located at the tip of the Italian "boot" in Calabria, more precisely in Vibo Valentia.

Founded in 2001 as a sole proprietorship, today it has become a partnership whose partners are all brothers. The management is therefore family-run in all sectors: from purchasing to production; from commercial to administrative.

The company, thanks to the use of the most modern technologies in the sector, and thanks above all to the use of purpose-built plant and machinery, produces high quality artisan pasta with the typical characteristics of handmade pasta: light colour; rough, non-glossy pastry with the typical fragrance of homemade pasta.

The scent and flavour of the wheat that one tastes when eating Fiorillo's pasta testify to the undisputed quality of a product that is unique and inimitable, particularly for its regional shapes.


Their flagship product is Maccherone Calabrese "fileja", a pasta shape well known in Calabria and Southern Italy, but they produce numerous Italian specialties and also outstanding flavoured pasta varieties.

Due to a company choice, their products are not available in the large-scale retail trade but only in those niche markets and deliicates shops like Sol Deli where typical, quality artisan products are found.

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