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Valle dos Tres Irmaos

Bernardo Vieira e Brito is a young entrepreneur in the wine sector, he has several years of experience in grape production and processing.

Their family business is dedicated to agriculture in an intense, professional and passionate way. Creating genuine products, always doing better and sustainability are concepts that they implement day-to-day to be able to offer their best to their customers.

Quinta da Aveleira in Guimarães and Quinta de Gondim in Fafe have been owned by the family for several generations and constitute a unique and exemplary historical heritage. They intend to preserve all the History of our ancestors, paying homage with commitment, tradition and passion every day in the care of our land. We respect the past, building the Future!

Their range of wines aims to demonstrate the contemporary character of Vinhos Verdes allied to tradition, genuineness, and its own terroir.

Their lands are located in the Guimares and Fefe municipalities in the Vinho Verde region and the first written reference to their vineyard dates back to 1330 to the era of King Dinis. His primary focus is viticulture but and they also produce fruits, eggs and honey.


Bernardo decided a few years ago to launch his own wine brand, in limited series and exclusively with grapes from the quinta.


His vinho verde launched in 2019 already received a medal, resulting from its fruity aroma and elegant, fresh mouthfeel with floral and tropical notes.

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