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Vinhos de Serpa

Vinhos de Serpa was born from a true American dream. Matias and Maria Antónia Monge decided to move to the USA at an early age in search of better living conditions, eventually settling down and starting a beautiful family.

For more than 30 years of hard work, dedication and sense of opportunity their dream of one day returning to their home country, more specifically to Matias' hometown in the municipality of Serpa, Aldeia Nova de São Bento, was never left behind.

So, throughout time, they invested some of their savings in properties with some dryland crops, with the idea of having something to do when the longed-for return would happen.

However, their passion for agriculture and for the wines produced in this hot region of the Alentejo was such that they decided to plant their first vines from a distance.

What happened next: the first vines came the first grapes, and with the first grapes came the first wine. At a certain point, with all the tasks associated with the whole process, a more serious approach was needed.

This is how Matias Monge, still living on the other side of the ocean, bought an old winery located in Serpa and began the remodelling and adaptation works to modern times.

At the moment, the management is in the hands of Paulo Vareia who, together with the whole Monge family, is trying to make "Vinhos de Serpa" a brand with a strong presence in the national and international market, not only because of the unique wines that this different and special climate can provide us, but also because one of the great objectives is growth and the consecutive creation of jobs in an area that is quite marked by desertification and lack of new opportunities.

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