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Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Facetas, 0.5 l

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11.200 Ftl


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Daniel's 'Facetas' olive oil is pure organic olive juice that meets the highest quality standards. It has a fresh and balanced taste with green fruity notes, accompanied by distinct flavors of olive leaves and herbs.
We can taste a slight bitterness and spiciness in the mouth, while also being quite persistent with a sharp finish of nuts.

The Facetas olive oil made of the following olive varieties: 40% negrinha de freixo, 30% madural, 20% verdeal and 10% cobrançosa.
All of them are traditional Portuguese varieties.

Enjoy it for raw, simply with a slice of nice fresh bread, in soups, warm and cold dishes or even in desserts, allowing to bring its natural flavour.

Available in 500ml glass bottle, with an extendable spout, which allows you to dose the oil in the desired amount.

Keep it in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat.

Acidity: 0.3%