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Artichoke Hearts from Tudela P.G.I., 720 ml

4.200 Ft

5.833 Ftl


4.200 Ft 5.833 Ft Artichoke Hearts from Tudela P.G.I., 720 ml 0
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Rosara is a company from Navarre, Spain that has a wide range of top quality canned products, such as these artichokes from Tudela PGI, a sensational product from Navarre that has the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) seal, which gives it an exclusivity that is noticeable in its flavour.

They work each and every one of their products with great care in their own kitchens, where they are prepared, packed and packaged by hand by qualified staff. A gourmet process for a gourmet product.

Rosara manufacures this flagship product using the best artichokes from Tudela I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication). These artichokes are very tender and do not taste like "lemon" (that we experience with most store-bought artichokes), they have an amazing natural flavour due to Rosara's artisan production.

These artichokes are ideal for your stews, salads or grill plates and garnishes. As they are very tender, we recommend adding them at the end of the cooking and not stirring with a spoon. In salads they are ideal with fresh cheese, anchovies and oregano. Store in the refrigerator once the package has been opened in the original liquid and properly covered.

Ingredients: artichoce hearts of Tudela (I.G.P.), water, salt, citric acid