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Asparagus of Navarra D.O.P., Rosara, 580 ml

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White asparagus from Navarre is a gastronomic luxury brimming with elegance and flavour: silky and shiny, the genuine fruits of the orchards of the Ebro Valley (Navarre, Aragon and Rioja) reach the market with the guarantee provided by the specific designation that protects them with a seal of quality. Rosara has this quality seal and certifies that its asparagus are under the specific denomination of Asparagus of Navarre.

This jar contains the best asparagus from Navarre, made with fresh asparagus, perfectly peeled, very tender and with all the flavour. A classic of Navarrese gastronomy. Apart from its flavour, asparagus stands out for being a very healthy product: per 100 grams of product only 11.5 Kcal. and 0% fat.

The Rosara asparagus are very delicate, treat them with care. They can be served cold, but to enjoy their full flavour they should be served at room temperature. They can be accompanied with a vinaigrette of extra virgin olive oil and a little wine or apple cider vinegar. It is also good to add chopped vegetables to the vinaigrette (onion, green pepper, black olive, etc.), hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise, etc.

Ingredients: Asparagus, water, sugar, salt, citric acid and ascorbic acid

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Zoltán Dr. Varga

Én nem vagyok nagy spárgás, de a felségem nagyon szereti, úgyhogy neki vettem. Annyira ízlett neki, hogy kedvet kaptam, legközelebb én is kipróbálom. Azt mondja, tökéletes.

Kedves Zoltán, nagyon köszönjük!