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Cherry Peppers Stuffed with Cheese, Rosara, 212 ml

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These cherry peppers are stuffed with a cream of fresh cow's cheese with a touch of almond crocanti. It has a surprisingly crunchy texture that gives way to a sweet pepper flavour with a slightly spicy finish, all accompanied by the smoothness of the olive oil.

Rosara's cheese stuffed cherry peppers are an amazing product to open, serve and toast around with a beer or wine. You'll be surprised how such a simple preparation can be so good and how after the first bite you'll want more and more.

A perfect idea to always have in the pantry as it will get you out of any trouble when you have a visitor, or even when you feel like a snack or dinner without complications.

They are ideal for the preparation of appetizers and tapas. We recommend separating the peppers from the oil and serving them at room temperature or cold. They can be added to salads, as a garnish for meat, fish or presented with spices (oregano, dill, mint, etc).

Ingredients: Mini cherry peppers (42%), fresh pasteurised cow's milk cheese (28%), olive oil (28%), almonds (2%) and sugar.

The cherry peppers stuffed with cheese are a product of Rosara, a canning company that has been a reference in the sector for years thanks to the traditional and natural way they work.

Rosara is located in the heart of Navarre in Northern Spain and its cuisine is based on slow cooking, quality products and a lot of patience because that is all they use in their preparations, no artificial products, no preservatives or flavourings.

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Tényleg csodás íze van, a cseresznyepaprika éppen csípős, kellemes ízvilágú, a töltelék íze is harmonikus, lágy, szóval nagyon finom,bármihez jó, én csicsóka tócsnihoz, grillezett sajtos, sonkás csirkemellhez ettem. Jó étvágyat hozzá