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Fried tomato sauce, Rosara

1.790 Ft

4.022 Ftkg

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1.790 Ft 4.022 Ft Fried tomato sauce, Rosara, 445 ml - Sol Deli 12
2.980 Ft 3.506 Ft Fried tomato sauce, Rosara 6
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Rosara make great artisan products and the "tomate frito" they produce is one of the best.. Natural ingredients, no thickeners, no acidity or strange flavours. It is made from a slow frying of onion, green pepper and garlic, which we then mix with the tomato. Really homemade. It is also low in fat, only 1.1%.

Rosara's fried tomato sauce, as well as being delicious, differs from other industrial sauces in its all-natural preparation with healthy ingredients. It is the perfect choice to give your meals a delicious, natural and healthy touch.
Balanced in flavour, without excess acidity or thickening agents, it is ideal for all kinds of applications in the kitchen and is ready to use. Ideal for sauces, stews, pizza base, accompaniment of pasta dishes, meat, rice, fish, vegetables, etc. It is recommended to store covered in the refrigerator once the package has been opened.

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Ingredients: Tomato (82%), onion, sunflower oil, sugar, salt, green pepper, garlic, spices

Rosara is located in the heart of Navarre in Northern Spain and its cuisine is based on slow cooking, quality products and a lot of patience because that is all they use in their preparations, no artificial products, no preservatives or flavourings.

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Nagyon finom.

Nagyon finom, igazi paradicsom íz.

Köszönjük! :)


Nagyon finom, igazi paradicsom ízű, olyan, mint régen a kertben szedett paradicsom, ajánlom mindenkinek aki még emlékszik, hogy milyen volt az igazi paradicsom, annak is aki meg nem tudja, ebből megtudja