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Spanish Gift pack Deluxe 'El Encierro'

19.900 Ft

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This is a beautiful wooden box with a selection of products from the Spanish manufacurer, Rosara. Perfect as a gift to someone close to you, someone who loves culinary delights!

With this selection Rosara wanted to pay tribute to one of the symbols of their land: Navarre. It is the Encierro, a tradition known all over the world that is celebrated during the San Fermín festival and in many other festivals in the towns and villages of Navarre.

Inside the box parchment is included with the history of the Running of the Bulls.


- Special vegetable cream soup in bottle, 500 ml
- Stuffed cherry peppers in jar, 212 ml
- 'Pochas guisadas' (stewed beans) in jar, 720 ml
- Cream of goat's cheese in jar, 125 ml 
- Whole piquillo peppers from Lodosa Extra, 250 ml
- Asparagus D.O. P. Navarra in can, 425 ml