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Goat Cheese Cream, Rosara, 125 ml

1.940 Ft

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Rosara's Goat Cheese Mousse is another of the delicacies in our range of gourmet spreads. Made from the well-known goat's cheese, with egg, milk and... Nothing else! Without colourings, preservatives or any kind of additives, totally natural, which gives it an even more authentic and characteristic flavour.

This mousse is made with the tastiest goat cheese. Despite its spreadable texture and with only 15% fat, we have clearly preserved the personality and flavour of the cheese. The word mousse comes from the French "mousse" and refers to dishes or desserts with a spongy texture. This is achieved naturally by the action of the beaten egg together with the other ingredients of the product.

The way to taste it will depend on the tastes of each person, as it can be combined in a wide variety of ways and goes perfectly with any flavour. Our recommendation? 
Ideal for spreading on bread, this tasty cheese mousse combines very well with sweets: raspberry, fruits of the forest or strawberry jams, quince jam, honey, dried fruits (walnuts, almonds, etc), or piquillo peppers.

It goes very well as an accompaniment to all kinds of meat, vegetables and fish. To fill vol-au-vents, puff pastry and pasta or any other application that your imagination can suggest

Ingredients: Goat log cheese (32%), fatty pasteurised white cheese, whole cow's milk, pasteurised egg and melting salts.

Since its foundation in 1986, Rosara's main objective has been to offer quality food products. Some of Rosara's dishes are prepared following the traditional recipes of their ancestors and others are born in our kitchen, the result of innovation. Naturally, their dishes, sauces, creams, mousses, etc. do not contain any additives that could spoil the good taste of their gastronomy.

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