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Evora D.O.P sheep's cheese, Monte do Ganhão, 180 g

2.780 Ft

15.444 Ftkg


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If you want to savour the best of the Alentejo in a single cheese, then try this Évora D.O.P. sheep's cheese!

Cured sheep's milk cheese is a true Alentejo delicacy that wins over the most demanding palates.

With a slightly spicy flavour and an intense aroma, this cheese is produced following all the rules to be considered a DOP. It is made with quality sheep's milk and undergoes a maturing process of over 45 days to guarantee its unique consistency and flavour.

The Évora D.O.P. cheese has a well formed smooth, or slightly wrinkled, yellowish coloured rind. It is cylindrical, between 2 cm and 4 cm thick with a diameter of between 8 cm and 12 cm. It has a distinctive aroma and taste, slightly spicy and acidic, which is more accentuated in the harder versions.

With a firm and consistent texture, it's a cheese that melts in the mouth and has an intense and striking flavour. This cured sheep's cheese is a high-quality product with an aroma that transports us to the Alentejo countryside.

When you try this cheese, be prepared to be won over by its flavour and texture. And if you're not yet a fan of sheep's milk cheese, we're confident that this cheese will change that!

Cured product, consistent paste, obtained by slowly draining the curd after the coagulation of raw sheep's milk, by the action of the thistle flower.

Monte do Ganhao Évora D.O.P. must be stored at a temperature of between 0°C and 10°C. It can be eaten as a snack, a starter or with an aperitif. It is ideal with a slice of crusty fresh bread and a glass of good local red wine.

Give it a try and let yourself be captivated by the authentic flavour of the Alentejo!

Ingredients: Raw sheep's milk, salt and thistle flower.

Store and consume at room temperature.