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Preserved vegetables

Pedrosillanos Chickpeas, Rosara, 720 ml

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The pedrosillano chickpea is a variety of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) small in size,​ the name comes from the origin of its production had its historical epicenter in the municipality of Pedrosillo el Ralo , in the region of La Armuña, Spain.

These small-sized chickpeas from Pedrosillanos are known for being tastier, finer and with a more "al dente" texture than other chickpeas. Rosara make all their pulses in a very traditional way and you can tell: they are very tender, you can't see the skin, the flavour is natural and clear, just like, and only like pulses. Once you have tasted them you will not want any others.

These chickpeas are not just tasting great but very nutricious and healthy. Amazingly versatile, use them to make hummus or falafel, or just put together a simple chickpea salad, a soup or a tasty curry.

Rosara chickpeas are very tender, empty the container carefully and add to the cooking at the end without stirring too much. As the broth is so natural, you can use it to add to your stews. To empty the contents more easily, you can heat the unopened container a little in a warm water bath.

Ingredients: Chickpeas, water, salt and ascorbic acid