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Organic gourmet rosemary honey with organic almonds, Mel Santa Maria, 250 g

2.960 Ft

11.840 Ftkg

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Indulge in the exquisite blend of nature's goodness with Mel Santa Maria's Organic Rosemary Honey with Almonds.

This harmonious pairing of luscious honey and wholesome almonds creates a delectable fusion that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also offers a myriad of health benefits. Theh award winning aromatic rosemary honey perfectly complements the nutty crunch of almonds, delivering a unique and satisfying flavor profile.

Beyond its irresistible taste, this product is a powerhouse of nutrition. The organic honey is a natural source of antioxidants, while the almonds contribute essential nutrients like vitamin E and healthy fats.

Together, they provide sustained energy, promote heart health, and support overall well-being. Packed with natural sweetness and satisfying crunch, our Organic Rosemary Honey with Almonds is not just a treat for your palate but a wholesome addition to your daily routine.

Elevate your snacking experience with this perfect blend of indulgence and nutrition.