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Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Lobster and Scallops, Rosara, 270 ml

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This is a truly unique product from Rosara: delicious piquillo peppers stuffed with an amazing filling of lobspers, scallops, in a sauce made with red wine and brandy.

They select the best Piquillo peppers from Lodosa (D.O.P.) and roast them over beech wood. They peel the peppers without water so that they do not lose their flavour, then fill them with a delicate lobster and scallop béchamel sauce and finish the dish with a wonderful red wine sauce. It is a very laborious process with a delicious and healthy result: only 2.3% fat and gluten-free.

These stuffed piquillo peppers are very delicate, so we recommend opening the tin, removing the peppers one by one with a spoon and then pouring the sauce over them. It is best to heat the tin in a water bath (before opening the tin), in the oven at a medium temperature or in a casserole dish over a low heat.
It can be served with cooked and peeled king prawns, cooked crabs, grilled langoustines and any other seafood.

Ingredients: Piquillo peppers (23%), fish stock (water and conger eel), meat stock (water and veal), onion, sunflower oil, carrot, rice flour, scallops (5%), lobster (3%), red wine, milk, rice, leek, sugar, salt, garlic, brandy, almonds, pine nuts, dulse seaweed, spices

Concervas Artesanas Rosara is located in the heart of Navarre in Northern Spain and its cuisine is based on slow cooking, quality products and a lot of patience because that is all they use in their preparations, no artificial products, no preservatives or flavourings.