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Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Quinta da Serrinha Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

12.800 Ft

6.400 Ftl


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When only a portion of the olives at Quinta da Serrinha orchard is ripe, it is time to harvest them, thus enhancing the flavor and aroma of the olive oil. They are picked from the trees, never from the ground, and quickly taken to the mill to prevent the loss of quality.

The olive oil is then extracted at low temperatures (below 27°C) and immediately placed in stainless steel tanks in a warehouse where it stays until it is ready for sale, thus protected from direct light and heat.

Obtained from a blend of olives varieties from the region, this olive oil is quite fruity. But there's nothing like trying it out and confirming it for yourself!

The acidity of this premium olive oil is 0.2%.

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