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Quinta da Serrinha Organic Rosemary Honey - 1000 g

7.990 Ft

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7.990 Ft 7.990 Ft Quinta da Serrinha Organic Rosemary Honey - Sol Deli 0
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This honey is produced in the region of Terra Quente Transmontana, by beekeepers in organic production mode.

Organic... how?

The beehives where this honey is produced are installed in areas of spontaneous vegetation (less human intervention) and organic production mode crops, thus reducing the likelihood of contamination.

Chemical methods using synthetic substances to combat pests such as varroa (the main scourge of honey production, capable of compromising the entire production) are completely prohibited. They are then replaced by organic acids, such as formic acid, and essential oils, such as menthol and thymol.

Only European bee breeds are used, and artificial feeding of the swarm is discouraged, being allowed only in cases where the survival of the colony is at risk, and only organic honey can be provided as food.

The rosemary honey is made in the vast fields of rosemary in the slopes of the hill in Trás-Os-Montes.
It has a unique taste, intense aroma and flavor, it's rich in antioxidants and has several health benefits.

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