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Preserved vegetables

Round white manteca beans, Rosara, 720 ml

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This round white bean is called "manteca". At Rosara they are experts in making all their beans in a very traditional way and you can tell: they are very tender, you can't feel the skin, the taste is natural and clear, just like beans and only beans. Once you have tasted their pulses you will not want any others.

Yes, we at Sol Deli can endorse their statement, we tried all their bean products and the result is absolutely delicious. Don't even look at these beans like any other supermarket equivalent, the taste of these round white beans are a different universe!

Manteca beans are an ideal for cooking your favourite bean dish. They have subtle flavor and high nutritional value.

Rosara's white round beans are very tender, so empty the container carefully and add to the stew at the end of the cooking without stirring too much. As the broth is so natural, you can use it to add to your stews. To empty the contents more easily, you can heat the unopened container a little in a warm water bath.

Ingredients: manteca beans, water, salt, citric acid

These white round beans are a product of Rosara, a canning company that has been a reference in the sector for years thanks to the traditional and natural way they work.

Rosara is located in the heart of Navarre in Northern Spain and its cuisine is based on slow cooking, quality products and a lot of patience because that is all they use in their preparations, no artificial products, no preservatives or flavourings.