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Sheep's cheese, Queijaria Saianda, 250 g

2.690 Ft

14.944 Ftkg


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Indulge in the astisanal sheep's cheese of Queijaria Saianda and taste this real delicacy of Alentejo, Portugal!

This cured sheep's milk cheese stands out as a genuine Alentejo delicacy, captivating even the most discerning palates. It is made from premium-quality sheep's milk and its maturation process ensures a distinctive consistency and flavor.

This cheese of Queijaria Saianda boasts a well-formed, smooth, or slightly wrinkled, yellowish-colored rind. Cylindrical in shape with a diameter between 10 cm and 12 cm, it emanates a unique aroma. The cheese exhibits a slightly spicy and intense taste, particularly pronounced in the firmer variants.

It has a firm and cohesive texture, this cheese effortlessly melts in the mouth, delivering an intense and memorable flavor. As a cured sheep's cheese, it epitomizes quality, evoking the essence of the Alentejo countryside through its aromatic profile.

A cured product with a consistent paste, it is obtained by slowly draining the curd following the coagulation of raw sheep's milk through the action of the thistle flower.

Enjoy it as a snack, a starter, or alongside an aperitif. Pair it with a slice of crusty fresh bread and a glass of excellent Alentejo red wine for an ideal experience.

Take a leap and let the authentic flavor of the Alentejo captivate your senses!

Ingredients: Raw sheep's milk, salt, and thistle flower.

Store and consume at room temperature.