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Sliced Smoked Neck Sausage and Smoked Pork Loin, Fumeiro da Vila, 100 g

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A tasting selection of two great products from Fumeiro da Vila.
Easy to serve, perfects for all occassions!

- 50 g Sliced Smoked Neck Sausage of the Black Pig

This smoked sausage called Paio do Cachaço is made in Alentejo, Portugal, from the neck of the famous Portuguese black pig.

The cachaço (neck) is a noble part of the pig, giving this type of paio a long, straight appearance with a marbled interior.

With unique aromas, a smooth texture, exceptionally tender and juicy, Paio do Cachaço is the result of a selection of the best part of the black pig's neck. It is a fatty, reddish piece with a slightly salty, persistent flavour that makes it a real delicacy.

- 50 g Paio de Lombo, Smoked Pork Loin

Paio de Lombo is crafted from the loin of Alentejo Pork. Boasting a gentle yet enduring aroma, it accentuates the classic Alentejo seasonings. The product exhibits a uniform texture that is simultaneously tender and juicy, presenting a marbled reddish appearance harmoniously complemented by the pinkish-light orange fat. Notably, it is not overly fibrous, and its taste is characterized by a subtle saltiness.

It's delicious as a starter or as a snack with friends, accompanied by a good glass of wine and fresh bread.

Vacuum-packed to guarantee all the flavour and maximum quality until it reaches you.

Suggestion: consume at room temperature  (23 to 25 ºC).

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