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Strozzapreti Artisan Durum Wheat Pasta, Terre Dei Trulli, 500 g

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Strozzapreti, translated as "priest choker" or "priest strangler" in English, is an elongated hand-rolled pasta that hails from the regions of Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Marche, and Umbria.

It is a particular type of short pasta, obtained by twisting strips of dough around themselves. Their origin is ancient: they were born as a dish to be cooked on the holidays of middle-class families. This pasta from Terre Dei Trulli is made the traditional way, bronze drawn and slow dried to ensure maximum pasta experience.

The pasta's name is linked to several legends, one narrative suggests that priests, captivated by the delicious pasta, indulged so voraciously that they inadvertently choked themselves. Another version posits that wives, making the pasta as a form of partial payment for land rents to the Church, became irate when venal priests consumed their food, expressing a wish that the priests would choke on it.

Their particular shape and slow-drying craftsmanship allow for a very high quality result that reproduces the excellent characteristics of fresh pasta: it does not overcook and retains sauces and condiments.

Net weight: 500 g