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Traditional Portuguese marmelada, Vale do Mestre, 200 g

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Marmelada tradicional (quince jelly) is a fundamental element of the Portuguese culinary scene. It's a dense, copper-red delicacy and is still crafted today using ancient techniques.

It is made of quince, a autumnal pome fruit, following a process more or less the same for the past 600 years. It bears no resemblance to British marmalade, and any perceived connection between the two is solely rooted in etymology, which can be quite confusing (marmelo = quince in Portuguese)

The term "marmelada" made its written debut in 1521. At that time, this delectable treat was already gaining recognition on the global stage. Explorer Vasco da Gama transported numerous crates of marmelada on his ships, with the belief that the sweet paste could prevent scurvy (although not very effectively). Due to its excellent shelf life, marmelada became a logical export for the Portuguese, even finding its way to Henry VIII in 1524.

A particularly fancied way to eat marmelada is with cheese: it's a wonderful pairing and it even has a name: Romeo and Juliet.

Unlike William Shakespeare's play, in Portugal, the love story of Romeo and Juliet takes a happy turn. The protagonists are cheese and marmalade, which can serve as either an appetizer or a dessert. This fail-proof duet consistently delivers a delightful blend of sweet and bitter flavors, especially when using high-quality products.

Pairing marmelada with cottage cheese, fresh cheese, or Serra da Estrela cheese, the result is truly surprising.


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