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Trofie, Artisan Durum Wheat Pasta, Terre Dei Trulli, 500 g

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Trofie are a typical Italian short pasta format.
Their rather unusual shape is reminiscent of the spiral of a corkscrew or a wood chip.
They are obtained by twisting very thin strips of dough on themselves, starting from the centre.

The Trofie pasta of Terre Dei Trulli is made the tradinional way: bronze drawn and slow dried, to give you the ultimate pasta experience.

Their particular shape and the slow-drying artisanal processing allow for a very high quality result that reproduces the excellent characteristics of fresh pasta: it retains sauces and condiments very well.

Trofie have a nice bite to them as they remain quite firm when cooked. Trofie is a traditional pasta shape of the Liguria region and are generally eaten with pesto, another Ligurian speciality, one of the most famous paste for pasta in the world.

Trofie are perfect for pesto as this type of sauce clings to them really well. They also pair well with all tomato-based sauces.

For an authentic meal, toss trofie and your favorite pesto with small cubes of peeled, boiled potato and tender, young green beans. The pasta should be cooked al dente for optimal texture. Fresh and filled with the fragrance of basil, this dish is best made with a lighter flavored olive oil.

Net weight: 500 g