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Vale do Mestre Stawberry with Chocolate Jam - 250 g

2.350 Ft

9.400 Ftkg


2.350 Ft 9.400 Ft 0
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The taste of this artisanal strawberry and chocolate jam is truly unparalleled.

The combination of fresh, ripe strawberries and high-quality chocolate creates a flavor profile that is both unique and irresistible. This is of the most wanted jams from our shelves – for a reason!

The sweetness of the strawberries is perfectly balanced by the richness of the chocolate, resulting in a taste that will leave you wanting more.

So why not treat yourself to this delicious jam and enjoy the taste of two classic flavors combined in a truly delightful way?

Its indulgent flavor profile and its all-natural ingredients, this jam is a must-try for anyone who loves sweet and decadent spreads.

It's made using natural ingredients without preservatives ensuring that you enjoy the taste without any guilt.