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Antica Bottega Siciliana

Antica Bottega Siciliana is a Sicilian agri-food company, born from the love for Sicily, with the aim of discovering and enhancing the territory, the culture through the products and the people who produce them.

Their project was born from an idea of ​​Salvatore Novara, a young entrepreneur from Trapani, who after living in the north of France and Rome, returned to Sicily with a specific objective: to search for producers of typical Sicilian food and wine products and make them available on the Italian and European market under a single brand name: Antica Bottega Siciliana.

Recovering, narrating, innovating and making typical Sicilian food and wine products available on the market is their mission.

All their products are made with local raw materials and according to ancient peasant recipes, far from any industrial logic.

Their pasta making process follows ancient traditions: from the milling of durum wheat and Tumminia wheat, produced in the hills of Western Sicily, they produce their slow-drying artisanal pasta.

The format produced is the "Busiata Trapanese" in its variations: short, long and with wholemeal Tumminia flours.

The busiata has a particular helical shape, which makes it perfect for retaining important condiments. Their busiata are bronze drawn and slowly dried at low temperature to ensure the perfect pasta sensation.

Their jams and creams made from the selection of the best fruit in the field (and Sicily has world famous fruits, especially citrus), they have created a line of jams with low sugar content and a high concentration of fruit.

They only use fruit grown on the Trapani hills, harvested manually and processed within a few hours of harvesting.

All Their jams are free of preservatives and thickeners. A perfect line of products for a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

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