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Casa das Margens

The wine production project with a registered brand for commercialization, from "Casa das Margens Sociedade Agrícola, Lda.", was a dream of its founders.

The family has a tradition of producing wines in Vinho Verde region for many years, for bulk sale, and in 2015 Leandro Amorim and his family decided that the future was at that moment and that the passion, so often dreamed of, could not continue to be left behind. Thus, PATACÃO was born!

The "PATACÃO" wine, a white wine made from the Avesso grape variety, comes exclusively from grapes produced on the estate itself. In addition to old vines, new vines were planted with the best grape variety from the Baião Sub-Region, which is Avesso, traditional to this municipality, in a unique "terroir".

The grapes are harvested when they reach perfect maturity, monitored from the end of August and usually ending after the second half of September. The entire harvest is done manually, with the help of friends and neighbours, always accompanied by the responsible technician, which allows for a careful selection.


The transport of grapes from the vineyard to the winery is done in small rafts of 25 kg. The winemaking process is intended to be as fast as possible, without the berry undergoing any crushing process before pressing. After pressing, the wine undergoes a thermal shock at 11°C, in order to quickly decant all impurities. The entire winemaking process is monitored, maintaining fermentation at a controlled temperature of 13°C, to guarantee the high quality of the wines.

During the following months, the wine ages in stainless steel vats, with fine lees, being monitored monthly for its microbiological evolution. At this stage, the winemaker selects the best lot to proceed with bottling the "PATACÃO". The resulting wine from the Avesso grape variety is fruity, standing out for its elegance and freshness. Currently, the production capacity is around 10,000 bottles. All processes, from winemaking to bottling, are carried out at the winery facilities.

The winery receives the best that the vineyard offers, "wine is made in the vineyard", Casa das Margens privileges minimal intervention, not only to promote more environmentally friendly practices but also careful handling to capture the maximum potential of the grapes.

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