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Casa de Valbom

Casa Agrícola Valbom was founded in 1724 (!) and it is situated in Valbom dos Figos, a typical village in the municipality of Mirandela, North-East of Portugal, in the homogeneous area of Terra Quente. The family company counts on six generations of experience in production, processing and commercialization of high quality food products, currently led by Eng. Alberto Carvalho Neto.

The current form of the farm was founded in the late nineteenth century by João Bento de Carvalho, greatgrandfather of the current owners. Casa Agrícola Valbom associates the ancestral knowledge with modern agricultural technologies in organic production, originating distinctive products appealing to savor, to the origins and to the best traditions of the region.

With the awareness of the benefits of organic farming for health and the environment, the methods used for production were changed in 1980 and, in the last four decades, certified by Ecocert Portugal.


Nothing represents tradition more than one of the family headquarters; a magnificient 300 year old house that was built buy their ancestor in the first part of the 18th century.

Near the house, at the edge of their orchard is a small old mill which still uses the original, centuries' old mill stones. These used to be turned by donkeys but the newer generation of farmers have attached a motor. Since the mill is located right next to the olive groves, the olives are cold pressed within just two hours of harvesting which keeps the acidity levels very low.

Their oilve oil is absolutely delicious drizzled over dishes, salads and of course simply with crusty bread.

The Casa de Valbom brand is already on the market of 15 countries and we are happy to present you their first class products through Sol Deli!

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