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Fernando and Nuno Caldeira

A family business led by Fernando Caldeira and his son, Nuno Caldeira who own an olive mill near the charming city of Carrazeda de Ansiães in the heart of the Alto Douro region in Northern Portugal.

They work with olives sourced from the valleys of the nearby Douro and Tua rivers. They produce unique and distinctive extra virgin olive oil from typical Trás-os-Montes varieties such as Cobrançosa, Verdeal, and Madural.

Their excellent extra virgin olive oil is produced directly from freshly harvested olives using only mechanical processes and low temperatures, while adhering to technological requirements. The oil production undergoes strict quality control throughout the milling process, they monitor every stage of production.



The mill serves the region's olive producers and customizes their own production. Fernando and Nuno also offer packaging and labeling services to producers and ensure the continuity of their production.

Fernando's mill uses the most advanced technology and employs a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to producing excellent olive oil.

They created two brands, Vales Douro-Tua that gives us a superior extra virgin olive oil typical for the Alto Douro region and another brand under their own name, Azeite Caldeira for which they only use olives from organic farms.

Both their extra virgin olive oils are premium category and typical to the Alto Douro region: intense and robust in flavor, with a pungent taste. Beautiful green color and it has a complex aroma of ripe fruit, nuts, and spices.

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