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Famiglia Migliore

Quality, commitment, passion and honesty: these are the roots from which the extra virgin olive oils and wines of the Migliore family are born. They inherited centuries-old knowledge, handling this art with devotion and respect.

Soc. Agricola Oleificio Migliore has been managed by the Migliore family for four generations, and is located in one of the richest areas, both from a historical and agri-food point of view, of Sicily.
Everyone at Gruppo Migliore do their work out of a passion for high quality, they never stop striving for excellence. They believe that the enjoyment of high-quality food is rooted in the soil.

A commitment that they carry forward every day and which is an integral part of the company philosophy: always striving for improvement and evolution, without trampling on, but rather trying to protect traditions, which are among the most important of their land.

The Migliore estates are in fact located in the municipality of Butera (in Sicilian Vutirà, Vulcano), which territory was the scene of some of the oldest agricultural settlements on the island.

The county of Butera, Butirah for the Arabs, became one of the most important centers of Medieval Sicily, both for its strategic position, but above all for its natural resources, in fact the typical crops of the area are varied and luxuriant (in addition to olives cereals, citrus fruits, peaches, vines, and unfortunately the production of liquorice has been lost in contemporary times).

They produce two excellent organic extra virgin olive oils: "Raffaele" and "Terre degli Angeli".

They follow the production of their Sicilian extra virgin olive oil down to the smallest details: the olive groves, which for us them are more precious than a gold mine, are cared for and pruned, so that all the plants are healthy and productive at the right level.

The harvest is done by hand, so as not to stress the trees with harvesting systems more suitable for mass production (where quantity is favored over quality). The moment of harvesting is the result of careful evaluations and reflections, so that the olive is at the right point of maturation so that it can express its maximum potential. The milling, in the family oil mill, is carried out within a few hours of harvesting, to obtain a high quality oil it is essential that there is as short a time interval as possible between these two phases.

The oil thus obtained is finally stored in special stainless steel containers, located in their cellars, an indispensable combination to allow the precious liquid to be naturally decanted, capable of preserving and implementing the organoleptic qualities of the product.

The various stages of processing were designed with the awareness that oil is first of all a great gift given by nature to the Mediterranean countries, without which many things about Sicilian and Italian culture, not just gastronomic, would be different; they therefore try to work the olives in ways that respect the environment and its times, not forcing anything with artificial or forced methods, in order to respect this very precious heritage.

Besides extra virgin olive oil, they produce fantastic Sicilian terroire wines, selecting the best grapes from their vineyards and by relying on one of the best winemakers in Sicily. The winemaking is done in the cellar with the latest generation equipment and they are followed by true professionals who have made wine their life's mission.

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