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Daniel Martins

Daniel is a third-generation farmer taking care of the family estate situated 600 meters above sea level among wonderful hills around Alfândega da Fé, in the Trás-os-Montes region, Northern Portugal.
He is continuing the family tradition of making superior olive oil from local varieties typical to Trás-os-Montes. Holding a university degree of Environemtal Engineer, being environment conscious is something obvious for him while ‘organic’, ‘natural’ and ‘bio’ are not just fashionable or hype words but a mission.
“Since I was a young boy, I have contact with the family groove and olive oil, which has always highlighted our meals. For me it is truly personal fulfillment to be present in all the steps which lead this olive oil to the consumer, to guarantee that it is a real organic product, unchanged, pure olive oil” - he says.
When we met the first time, we could tell immediately how passionate Daniel is about his work, his homeland, his farm and his products. 
Their orchard was set up by his grandfather almost 100 years ago and half of the plantation consists of 100-year-old olive trees while the rest of the trees are around 40 years old. They use traditional olive farming techniques; no intensive planting. Daniel took over managing the estate 10 years ago and dedicated all his time to farming.

They do not use chemical pesticides and fertilizers, moreover they keep the area between the trees wild and seeding special plants / flowers to help nature feed and give shelter ro other little creatures (especially bees, but also small mammals) and naturally help against drought, erosion and regulate soil characteristics among many other benefits.

His good environmental practices resulted in official recognition too: they are certified every year by an independent entity which gives their olive oil and other selected products the European organic farming certificate. The freshly harvested olives are processed within a few hours in a modern mill, cold extracted (at a temperature under 27 ºC) then stored away from heat and light in steel silos before bottling.

Daniel created two brands: Facetas is blended from the highest quality oils of the estate and Quinta da Serrinha, an equally fantastic extra virgin olive oil that is also available in larger packaging. His award-winning Facetas bio extra virgin olive oil is pure organic olive juice, it’s one of our (and our customers’) favourites. It’s harmonious with green, fruity taste and some herb and spicy notes. The olive oils are a blend of Portugal varieties of negrinha de freixo, madural, verdeal and cobrançosa.

The Facetas brand also offers pomegranate vinegar, that is made with blending pure organic pomegranate juice and a mother vinegar. The result is delicious ruby nectar that does not have any colouring or preservatives. 

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