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Jose Nero

In 1680 the Nero family traveled from Sardinia to Portugal and settled in Sesimbra where they started the production of salted, dried and pressed fish products which they, subsequently, exported to Spain and Italy.

In 1912 the young Amadeu Henrique Nero, at 23 years of age closed the cured fish products business that he had inherited from previous generations and, following his family tradition, founded his first Fish Cannery.

The company exported its products, throughout several years, mainly to Europe, the U.S.A and some Asian countries, until 1989 when the company closed because of different factors such as the crisis in the cannery industry.

In 2010, José Nero, grandson of Amadeu Henrique Nero, returned to the cannery industry and brought back their old brands to the market such as Catraio, Georgette Naval, and Nazarena.

In 2011, he also launched an innovation never tried before - with great success: black scabbardfish filets in olive oil.

Since he returned to the cannery industry, José Nero never stopped launching new products or reinventions of existing products such as tuna fillets with rosemary, tuna fillets with sea lettuce, tuna fillets with dried tomato, salmon fillets with savory, among others.

In the following years some reinventions are launched with ingredients and condiments that had never been used before in canned foods such as: ham, chorizo, aromatic herbs, dried fruits, olive oil from biodynamic agriculture, truffled olive oil among others.

In 2014 the Mercury Prize nominated Conservas Nero in the category “Companies with History” in the year 2013 and in 2015 Nero's preserves are nominated as “Product of the year” by WINE magazine.

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