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Mel Santa Maria

Established in 1995, Mel Santa Maria (MSM) is a company specializing in organic honey.

Situated in Santa Maria de Émeres village in Valpaços, Trás-os-Montes region, the primary goal of MSM is to produce top-quality honey, aiming to evoke a sense of nature with each bottle of their product. Their honey production encompasses various types, including Chestnut, Heather and Rosemary honey.

Apiculturist: Rui Baptista

Originally a physical education teacher, his love of beekeeping and bees has always run parallel to his profession. Later, without a job, he decided to dedicate himself 100 percent to professional beekeeping and the development of organic honey.

Mel Santa Maria took its first steps with the appearance of a swarm at the Quinta do Paranho house in Santa Maria de Émeres in 1995. After being introduced into a hive, the swarm's work was monitored weekly with many hours of observation.

The taste of the bees grew and from one, the village grew to eleven hives. In 1996 they had the first production of honey, around 170kg. It was at this point that the idea arose to give their honey the same name as the village where it all began: Mel Santa Maria. Today, Rui has around 1,000 hives located in various parts of Trás-os-Montes at an altitude of over 800 metres.

MSM has garnered recognition through numerous national and international awards, achieving Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2023 at the Annual Honey Contest organized by FNAP - Federation National Beekeepers of Portugal. Through the consumption of this honey, you can immerse yourselves in the pure essence of Trás-os-Montes' natural surroundings.
100% organic production

All of Mel Santa Maria's stock is organically produced, and the apiaries, production methods and bee treatments are controlled by a Portuguese certifying body.

Depending on the location, the honey produced has different characteristics, as there are different types of vegetation where the bees collect pollen to produce honey. Mel Santa Maria produces mono-floral honeys which are rosemary, heather and chestnut.

Mel Santa Maria's main objective is always to produce high quality honey, because it wants the consumer to feel that they really have nature in front of them in every jar of honey. They also take on the responsibility of contributing to the maintenance of the ecosystem by localising its apiaries and improving the environment by administering treatments to the bees.

MSM is a company governed by values such as determination, science and professionalism, always with the goal of producing splendid honeys.
High quality for demanding consumers.

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