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Fumeiro da Vila

Fumeiro da Vila is a family company with more than 30 years of experience in the production of regional sausages and high quality meat products in Alentejo, Portugal.

A tradition that has passed from generation to generation, always ensuring the continuity of the flavours of old, using the natural resources of the region that provide us with high quality raw materials.

Geographically, Alto Alentejo, the home of Fumeiro da Vila covers a diverse area, with vast plains, rolling hills and some mountain ranges. It is crossed by important rivers, such as the Tagus and Guadiana, which play a vital role in local agriculture.

The region is marked by a peaceful and serene landscape, with many hectares of land dedicated to agriculture, such as cereal cultivation, vineyards, olive groves and Alentejo cork oak forests for raising the famous Alentejo black pig.


We met André - who's managing family business with his wife - on a late spring afternoon and he happily showed us around the small production facility and explained to us how their regional Alentejo delicacies are made.

Their factory is located in the parish of Ervedal, municipality of Avis in a region characterised by the strong tradition of manufacturing typical Alentejo sausages. 

Traditional sausages and other meat products resulting from the animals cared with attention in the fields, are associated with the ancestral culture of transformation of a local, high quality product: the black pig, and provide the basis of this Ervedal located company.

With over three decades of experience in the sector, Fumeiro da Vila combines tradition and modernity to provide tasty moments for you.

Savour these flavours, try one of their great products like chorizo, paio do lombo, paiola, painho, farinheira and morcela, with the traditional flavours of the holm oak smoker.

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