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Conservas Artesanas Rosara

Conservas Artesanas Rosara is a family business founded in 1986 in the heart of Ribera Navarra, in the north of Spain. On the fertile banks of the river Ebro, delicious vegetables grow thanks to the favourable climate.

Since its foundation in 1986, Rosara's main objective has been to offer quality conserved food to consumers. They use the best vegetables of recognised prestige and with designation of origin, such as asparagus from Navarra or piquillo peppers from Lodosa. And, of course, they are committed to careful artisanal production, with all that this implies: peeling by hand, packaging without preservatives or colouring agents, roasting with firewood,etc.

Good taste and love for gastronomy is an important factor at Rosara. Their cuisine offers many delicious dishes in various categories such as piquillo peppers stuffed with local cheese or lobster, asparagus from Navarra or Torta del Casar mousse, which are part of their extensive menu. Some of Rosara's products are prepared following the traditional recipes of their ancestors and others are born from the innovation of their cookers. Their soups, sauces, creams, mousses, etc. have no additives that detract from the good taste of the spectacular raw materials of Navarra.

It is not enough to select the best the land can offer, it is also very important to take care of the production process. That is why they prepare their products in an artisanal way, always looking for the best result.

Their determination to guarantee the highest quality of our products has been rewarded with numerous awards. The Coq d'Or (Guide des Gourmands), the Shopping Presse (2009 Gourmet Food & Wine Selection by SIAL), the International Trophy for Quality, the Gold Trophy for Commercial Prestige, the International Business Master, the International Gold Star for Quality and the Gold Trophy for Food & Beverage are some of the awards that certify Rosara's commitment to food excellence.

The secret to the success of Rosara's products is undoubtedly their home-made preparation. For example, they roast their piquillo peppers with beech wood and then peel them by hand and without water, so as not to spoil their flavour.

Where you can most appreciate their craftsmanship is undoubtedly in Rosara's cuisine. Delicacies such as piquillo peppers stuffed with seafood or Fabada Asturiana are the result of the literal application of traditional recipes, both in their ingredients and in their "modus operandi".

Another important part of Rosara's artisan process is that they do not add any preservatives, colouring, starch, starch or stabilisers to their products that could damage their authentic flavour.



White asparagus from Navarre is a gastronomic luxury brimming with elegance and flavour: silky and shiny, these genuine fruits from the orchards of the Ebro Valley (Navarre, Aragon and Rioja) reach the market with the guarantee provided by the specific designation that protects them with a seal of quality. Rosara has this quality seal and certifies that its asparagus are under the specific denomination of Asparagus of Navarre.


A vegetable highly appreciated for its characteristic flavour and fineness, piquillo peppers are native to Lodosa, but their cultivation has since spread to nearby towns such as Andosilla, Mendavia, Cárcar, etc. Piquillo peppers from Lodosa must come from farms registered with the 'Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen del Pimiento del Piquillo de Lodosa', which monitors the proper preparation of the peppers. They must be roasted over a direct flame (wood, gas, charcoal... etc), at Rosara we roast them with beech wood, they must be peeled by hand and not washed in water or any other type of solution that only detracts from the flavour of the fruit.


The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) covers the production of Tudela artichokes in 33 localities in the Ribera Navarra region, one of which (Andosilla) is home to Rosara. The Tudela artichoke is of the 'Blanca de Tudela' variety and can be recognised by its rounded shape and the dimple at the top of the artichoke, as the leaves do not cover the artichoke completely. With an incomparable flavour and tenderness, Conservas Artesanas Rosara selects the best artichokes from Tudela and prepares them in a traditional way, resulting in a natural, tasty product without the acidic "lemon" flavour of many of the canned artichokes on the market.


This Protected Geographical Indication covers only dried beans of the species Phaseolus Vulgaris, L., of the traditional 'Granja Asturiana' variety, produced in the territory of the Autonomous Community of the Principality of Asturias. Fabas Asturianas are large in size, extremely tender, the skin is not at all noticeable and with an incomparable flavour, a gastronomic treasure. With the best Fabas, the best Asturian chorizo and black pudding, Rosara elaborates a handmade fabada that will transport you to the beautiful Asturian lands thanks to its authentic and delicious flavour.


The protected designation of origin Torta del Casar covers cheeses produced with raw sheep's milk and vegetable rennet from controlled livestock farms in the Cáceres area of Extremadura. Specifically within the regions of Llanos de Cáceres, Sierra de Fuentes and Montánchez. Torta del Casar is a cheese with a semi-hard rind and a very creamy texture. It has lactic and vegetable aromas and an intense, slightly bitter taste due to the use of vegetable rennet. With a cream made from the best Tortas del Casar, Rosara makes its Torta del Casar cheese mousse, a delightful spread with a designation of origin.

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